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Utilities: Electricity

Before: Tractor and Mulcher prepare to go to work

Scottish Woodlands Ltd has been involved in vegetation management contracts adjacent to overhead electrical apparatus and ground sub-stations since 1995. To date, we have now managed clearance works at over 30,000 individual sites and placed more than 21,500km of overhead network onto maintenance regimes.

We have developed operational systems in conjunction with our clients, and we now have robust procedures and forms that can be tailored to individual Utility Companies. We specialise in surveying, permissioning and cutting regimes, with both live-line and shutdown working, using skilled competent operatives. We can also undertake grounds maintenance work around substations and office buildings.

Our bespoke database has been specifically designed to produce focussed information from survey data, producing site-specific consent forms and an array of operational printouts which assist us and our clients to manage contracts efficiently. Site constraints can be logged and managed, avoiding legislative problems e.g. Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation areas, and SSSIs. The database also lists owners' details for each individual location which can assist Clients in updating their own wayleave information as required.

After: 45m wide wayleave

Our operatives are some of the most highly trained and experienced involved in electrical vegetation control. Our main Managerial Centre is in Perth in central Scotland

We do, however, have a national capability for both one-off and short term contracts. We maintain a range of insulated tools and attachments for live-line working, and have access to other specialised machinery, e.g. mulchers, chippers and flails for larger sites and tower-line clearance work.