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Roundwood Marketing

Roundwood for export markets

The roundwood marketing activities of Scottish Woodlands encompass all of the major UK markets and also include a number of export markets.

In 2014 we supplied over 1,000,000 tonnes of roundwood to a diverse range of customers including sawmills, wood panel mills, pulp and paper mills, round timber fencing producers and the biomass energy sector.

Through a combination of sound local market intelligence and the extensive marketing experience held within the Company, the marketing of roundwood is undertaken to ensure that the return to our clients, the woodland owners, is maximised.

The majority of our marketing is undertaken in connection with roundwood produced from our own harvesting activities. However, the advantages associated with the scale of the Scottish Woodlands marketing business are clear and this has resulted in a rapidly increasing quantity of roundwood being offered to Scottish Woodlands for marketing on behalf of others with less extensive experience and market presence.

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Scottish Woodlands supplied over 800,000 tonnes of roundwood in 2010