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Please note: Scottish Woodlands Ltd reserves the right to charge an acquisition fee to any clients who are successful in acquiring any property which is introduced to those clients, or reported on by the company.

Properties available on the open market

The following properties are available for sale on the open market via a variety of agents. Scottish Woodlands Ltd do not act as selling agents and are able to provide valuations or detailed acquisition reports on these properties to clients who wish to instruct the company to act on their behalf.

Portree, Isle of Skye
85.00 hectares
o/o £50,000


Property type: Land for restocking

Land awaiting re-planting following the felling of the previous spruce crops.

Kirkpatrick Flemming, Dumfriesshire
28.5 hectares
o/o £145,000


Property type: Mixed Woodland

A diverse woodland containing a mix of conifer and broadleaf trees. Very well located to access local timber markets.

New Aberdour, Aberdeenshire
44.90 hectares
o/o £145,000


Property type: Commercial Woodland

A young commercial woodland planted in 2002 and 2007 offering potential for long term IHT shelter.

Ellon, Aberdeenshire
49.00 hectares
o/o £225,000


Property type: Commercial Woodland

Mid-rotation crops planted in 1999 on a free draining fertile site with public road frontage.

Banff, Morayshire
86.50 hectares
o/o £290,000

Swilebog Woodland

Property type: Commercial Woodland

A diverse mixed property planted between largely planted 1990 and 2001.

Carrbridge, Inverness-shire
150.7 hectares
o/o £345,000

Tom Mor Forest

Property type: Commercial Woodland

A maturing pine forest in the Cairngorms National Park with mixed crops of Scots and Lodgepole pine and 25 hectares of felled ground for restocking.

Broughton, Scottish Borders
63.10 hectares
o/o £420,000

Kilbucho II Forest

Property type: Commercial Woodland

A compact block of mid-rotation spruce planted in 1988 well located to access markets in south Scotland.

Dulsie Bridge, Morayshire
299.6 hectares
o/o £600,000

Dulsie Forest

Property type: Commercial Woodland

Pine and spruce/pine mixes planted in the mid 1980's.

Kinbrace, Sutherland
1,142.90 hectares
o/o £675,000


Property type: Commercial Forest

A large Lodgepole pine forest which includes 138 hectares awaiting replanting and a sizeable section of Loch Rimsdale (238 hectares).

Douglas, Lanarkshire
188.26 hectares
o/o £750,000

Glentaggart South Forest

Property type: Commercial Forest

Spruce crops planted in 1987/88. Internal road infrastructure will require upgrading prior to harvest but the site is well located close to the M74 to access mills in south Scotland.

Huntly, Aberdeenshire
188.37 hectares
o/o £765,000


Property type: Commercial Forest

Three adjoining lots of mixed age, mixed species woodland.

Inverness, Inverness-shire
91.38 hectares
o/o £800,000

Holme & Sawmill Woodlands

Property type: Commercial Forest

Attractive well-thinned Scots pine crops planted in the 1950's. Available in two lots.

Dufftown, Moray
541.58 hectares
o/o £1,100,000

Jock's Hill Forest

Property type: Commercial Forest

Crops comprise of Sitka/pine mixes planted in the early 1990’s. Separate access roads serve the northern and southern sections of the property.

Peebles, Scottish Borders
223.21 hectares
o/o £1,425,000


Property type: Commercial Forest

A solid spruce dominated forest planted in 1990. Some upgrading required to existing road network.

Langholm, Dumfries & Galloway
217.3 hectares
o/o £1,485,000

Middlehill Forest

Property type: Commercial Forest

A solid spruce forest within a larger forest complex. Crops planted in 1987 with harvesting likely to commence in around 5 years' time. Developed internal infrastructure will require some upgrading but the site is well located to access mills in south Scotland and northern England.

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