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Investment: Overview

James Adamson discusses forestry investment on The Business Debate:



Forests and farmland attract significant interest from prospective investors seeking to acquire tax efficient assets underpinned by sustainable environmental credentials. As a tangible land based investment, forestry can also offer a variety of additional benefits including amenity, conservation, sporting and possibly development opportunities as well as underlying value growth in the timber crop.

A well developed freehold market exists providing asset liquidity and investors can acquire properties at all stages of the production cycle. Investment opportunities range from purchasing farmland for planting through to mature forests offering potential for immediate timber income and purchases can be matched to meet an investor's individual requirements.

The strategic outlook for timberland investments is very positive, with renewed interest in timber as a raw material for construction and the development of new sectors such as biomass energy production. The UK has seen significant inward investment in the wood processing sector to develop a strong domestic market against which the commodity value of timber is expected to rise.

Our Investment Department provides strategic investment advice and services to a wide range of private, corporate and institutional clients on all aspects of forestry and rural property. We offer an uncompromising independent service covering the valuation and acquisition of commercial forestry, amenity woodland, agricultural land, sporting estates and rural residential property. Our qualified Investment staff also advise on a range of general professional matters relating to rural property.

Whether you are considering investing or seeking advice about an existing asset we would be delighted to discuss your requirements further.

Please see the dedicated pages on Purchase Opportunities and Services for more information.


Spotlight UK Forestry Market 2017

We have recently published (March 2017) our collaborative research report with Savills into the UK Forestry Market. The research report looks at market transactions over recent years to identify trends and key value drivers.

Please click on the link below to download your copy.


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