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Forest Management: Grants and Felling Licences

Applying for grant aid can be a difficult process but Scottish Woodlands staff is well placed to help. We have a wide experience of obtaining forestry grants and other grant schemes, being able to work on behalf of our clients to secure significant grant aid thus helping to achieve their management objectives.

SRDP (Scottish Rural Development Plan) Grants

This is the primary grant support mechanism for forest and woodland management in Scotland. Grants are available for a wide range of activities such as planting new woodlands and woodland improvement as well as other options, such as rural business development, forest roads and access.

Grant Schemes in England, Wales and Ireland

For further details about any of these grant schemes, please contact your nearest Scottish Woodlands or Flintshire Woodlands office using the link at the bottom of this page.

Legacy Grant Schemes (WGS and SFGS)

If you have obligations under an old forestry grant scheme such as WGS or SFGS, we can advise on how best to meet them.

Felling Licences

To cut down or thin woodland you will need a felling licence issued by the Forestry Commission. Scottish Woodlands can prepare the necessary application on your behalf and secure the appropriate licence.

Scottish Timber Transport Scheme

This scheme provides a contribution to the cost of road and other infrastructure required to bring timber from remote forests to market. Owners need to work together and with local communities to find innovative solutions to timber transport problems. Scottish Woodlands have successfully led projects such as the Rathad Mara (Sea Road) floating pier project on the west coast of Scotland.

Further Information

For further information on grant schemes and how we may be able to help, please contact your local forest manager.