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Forest Management: Creating New Woodlands

If you are thinking of creating a new woodland, whether by natural regeneration or by planting, then Scottish Woodlands can help. We have been designing and planting a wide range of new woodlands and forests for over forty years. Scottish Woodlands can help with the initial design, landscaping and grant approvals, right through to planting and maintenance of the young trees. We will listen to your objectives to ensure that the woodland we plant is the right one for your needs. Further information on managing woodlands is available here.

Our team of professional foresters can help with the planting of a wide range of woodland types including:

  • Conifer Woodlands
  • Native Woodlands
  • Policy Woodlands
  • Shelterbelts
  • Amenity Woodlands
  • Shooting Copses

Scottish Woodlands have also been involved with many woodland restoration and regeneration projects including native Caledonian Pine schemes and Atlantic Oakwood. If you have a valuable woodland remnant, we can provide the help and expertise to restore it for the next generation.

Please contact your local Scottish Woodlands manager who will be happy to talk you through the process.

If you do not already own land but wish to do so, our investment team can help you find and purchase suitable planting land.